When I decided to visit the Dominican Republic, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Most of the articles I read were centered around trips or itineraries in and or around Punta Cana which is known as the resort town of this island nation. I didn’t what to limit my experience to a resort and […]

Memories of Zanzibar

Zanzibar has been on my radar for so many years. I’ve always wanted to visit it since I saw some pictures online and while researching stumbled on a post by Lee of Spirited Pursuit who captured the essence of the island beautifully. Pictures of its pristine white sand beaches bordering crystal clear waters have beckoned […]

Romance in Savannah Georgia

Have you ever visited a place and felt like you were transcending the present and stepping into another time? That’s the feeling I had when I visited Savannah Georgia . Walking around in the historic town I kept imagining scenes from a romcom or romance novel playing out in the buildings and parks. A combination […]

The Most Romantic Train Ride – Tequila

Sometimes you discover something and can’t stop thinking about it. That happens to me often when it comes to travel and experiences, I’ll read an article, see a picture or hear someone recount a trip and I become obsessed with the idea of experiencing it for myself. That was the case when during the pandemic […]

Aloha Hawaii

The US has a checkered record on its handling of the pandemic, while some states have been stringent thus curtailing the spread others took a more liberal approach leading to sky high infectious rates. Hawaii is one of the few states that imposed strict protocols to curb the spread of the virus which resulted in […]


What else is there to do in Orlando Florida if you don’t want to visit the amusement parks? That’s what I had to figure out in November when I visited at the height of the pandemic to support my friend who was participating in a bodybuilding competition. Orlando has an emerging food scene I wanted […]


To me, the United States of America isn’t just a country, it’s a continent, with it’s 50 states spanning through its vast territory where temperatures and time zones change as you move from East to west and the cold mountains give way to warmth and beaches as you drift south from the north. There are […]

JAMAICA – Out of Many,One People

Jamaica was never on my top 10 bucket list, and I wasn’t really planning on visiting it soon till the pandemic hit in 2020 and Jamaica became one of the few countries welcoming American tourists. After being cooped in for so long my travel bug flared up and I had to get away. While researching […]

Istanbul- The Old City

The last leg of my 10 day Turkey Itinerary was Istanbul, the old city with so much history. As the largest city in Turkey, it is the melting pot of Western and Eastern cultures and the only pan continental city in the world (Europe- Asia). There is so much to say about this charming city […]

Solo Female Experience of Turkey 2- Izmir

For the next leg of my trip I flew from Kayseri(Goreme) to Izmir on the West coast of Turkey to visit a few archeological sites and the thermal pools of Pamukkale. The closest airport to Pamukkale is Denzil but I choose to stay in selcuk and rented a car which not only gave me more […]


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