Romance in Savannah Georgia

Have you ever visited a place and felt like you were transcending the present and stepping into another time? That’s the feeling I had when I visited Savannah Georgia . Walking around in the historic town I kept imagining scenes from a romcom or romance novel playing out in the buildings and parks. A combination of the architecture, cemeteries and flora invoked feelings of passion and idyllic charm, moss draped trees swaying in the wind like a reluctant lover bidding adieu to a paramour.

Three things attracted me to Savannah GA, History, Architecture and Food. Savannah has some of the best southern food and I was here for it. I choose to stay close to the historic center so I could visit many of the places on foot because one thing you need to keep in mind is; Parking. Like in most touristic spots, parking can be tricky in this part of town . There were so many beautiful B&B as well as hotels with beautiful decorations but because this was a last minute trip, I was travelling with kids and some didn’t allow children due to their decor, I settled for Homewood Suites Savannah as they were the only ones that had vacancies for my dates and it was perfect. The hotel is a three minutes walk from the river front and all the other main attractions like Forsyth Park and the Cathedral Basilica of St. John are fifteen minutes away by foot. The hotel also has a rooftop bar with a pool from which we could watch the ships sail through the canal and my kids loved it.

On our first morning in Savannah I woke up early for a morning run and it was magical running through the parks and under the moss covered trees, the sun peeking through the leaves. Savannah is very humid and it doesn’t take long for the heat to feel oppressive but fortunately Old town is lined with gigantic trees as well as numerous restaurants and pubs, there is something for every pallet . Later in the day we walked through the bustling riverfront where street performers belted out melodies to the melodic strings of violins and stopped for ice cream at a quaint shop then proceeded to explore the city on foot. We signed up for a ghost tour from a guide I met at one of the restaurants but unfortunately as is common this time of year it started raining in the evening and it was cancelled.

Savannah is famous for its cemeteries and the next day we drove to the most known one: Bonaventure Cemetery. This place both fascinated and creeped me and if you desire you could actually hire a tour guide for this visit.

A short drive away was Wormsloe and it’s iconic oaktree arch which was the only thing that really stood out to me.

Our next location isn’t exactly Savannah , Driftwood beach located on Jekyll Island, an hour , thirty minutes away is a must visit. This unique beach though not ideal for swimming is fascinating, with its collection of skeletal trees. Many people visit at sunset for photography and family portraits.

2 thoughts on “Romance in Savannah Georgia

  1. These photos are AMAZING! I’m obsessed with your white dress! I think cemeteries are super creepy too but the photos you took are gorgeous!

    Total bummer about the haunted tour but … haha. I wonder how scary it would have been!? Loved reading this adventure post! 💕


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