The Most Romantic Train Ride – Tequila

Sometimes you discover something and can’t stop thinking about it. That happens to me often when it comes to travel and experiences, I’ll read an article, see a picture or hear someone recount a trip and I become obsessed with the idea of experiencing it for myself. That was the case when during the pandemic I stumbled on a article on the Jose Cuervo Express Train that leaves from Guadalajara city to Tequila. The article was advertising the company’s new wagon – The Elite Wagon and I knew I had to go check it out.

The train runs every saturdays and leaves Guadalajara city for Tequila at 9 o’clock and offers seating in four wagons : Express, Premium Plus, Diamond and the newly added Elite wagon that was my choice. With it’s large windows and elegant decorations that transports you in time to a glamorous time, it exceeded my expectations. The package comes with a guided tequila tasting, snacks and an open bar from which you can order from an exquisite line of crafted cocktails as the trains chugs through a beautiful countryside with rolling hills of agave farms.

Guadalajara is known for two things: Tequila and Mariachi music. The train is heralded into the picturesque town of Tequila by a Mariachi band and so a day filled with music, laughs and good times begins. We were taken to the Jose Cuervo mansion , stores, distillery and museum. After the tours we had four hours to visit the city and eat lunch before we went for the Mexican dance show. The town square pulsed with excitement and laughter ,mariachi music streaming from Tequila vendor stands or Mariachi bands performing and as the day progressed the air seemed to expand with a tequila laced euphoria. In the heat of the day and the flow of drinks as one walks around you work up an appetite that could be satisfied by a plethora of restaurants in quint , spanish buildings but I choose to dine at the Jose Cuervo Mexican Patio; a buffet style grilled lunch hosted in a historic courtyard complete with water fountain and playing live Mariachi band.

After stuffing myself full with delicious grilled meats and vegetables I walked over to the Jose Cuervo store for some Tequila to bring back with me. You also have the option to pre-order from the store while on the train and pick it up at the entrance to the amphitheater of the Mexican show. During the show we the company kept everyone hydrated with Tequila slouchies, yes we were all in high spirits during the show hahaha!

After the show, we were shuttled off in luxurious buses complete with phone charging ports and bathrooms. During the thirty minutes intermissions from alcohol we were offered a variety of non-alcoholic beverages and water but once we pulled up to the fields, the staff was ready with a cocktails in a refillable bottle that could be refilled as many times as one desired at the two onsite bars. At the Agave fields we watched demonstrations of the harvesting process then it was party time. With another ubiquitous mariachi band playing, the staff made sure every mouth was munching on any of the numerous snacks offered while the tequila flowed continuously from the bar. Shots were down and replaced just as quickly and as the evening drew closer to an end merriment and laughter rose higher and the air palpable with happiness. The Agave plants like the hired harvesters stood still and smiled on. At seven o’clock as the buses rolled away and the fields rolled past, fatigue settled in and from my reclined seat I watched the sun set in the horizon. This was a memorable experience and I’m glad I went. You should too :).

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